How to Make This Your Most Organised Year Ever {FREEBIE}

The dawn of a new year prompts us to reevaluate our organisational strategies and time management to achieve our goals effectively. As teachers, finding ways to stay organised and enhance our efficiency is crucial, especially with the perpetual to-do list. In my pursuit of greater organization this year, I’ve devised a weekly planning template that I’m excited to share with you for FREE. Together, let’s embrace a more organized approach to our tasks!

I have created a template that I will be using to plan my week, and I wanted to share it with you all for FREE so we can be organised together!

At the beginning of each week, my goal is to sit down with a comprehensive list of tasks and strategically plan when to accomplish each one. For teachers, these tasks may include activities such as photocopying, swapping Guided Reading texts, and preparing lessons – all essential components of a teacher’s daily routine.

The template I’ve created serves as a visual guide, allowing me to identify and allocate specific tasks each day, ensuring everything is completed efficiently. It acts as a complement to my diary, which I still use to track appointments and meetings. This sheet is dedicated to scheduling tasks throughout the week, preventing the overwhelming accumulation that often occurs by Friday night. We’ve all been there, staying late to finalize plans for the upcoming week!

To cater to different needs, I’ve crafted templates with various columns, addressing both school and home responsibilities and tasks related to Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) and blogging. This feature is especially beneficial for TPTers, helping them manage crucial aspects like scheduling pins on Tailwind, crafting weekly newsletters, and submitting products for potential features.

 Let’s say yes to all the organisation…
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Download your FREE template, and let’s embark on a journey towards better organization together! Feel free to share how you utilise the planning sheet by tagging me on Facebook.

Remember to teach big and change the world!

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