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Cutting Practice – A FAB Orientation Activity!

Hi Friends,

I can’t believe it is that time again! We have now had two Orientation sessions at our school, with two more to go! It is such a special time for our new students and their families. It is their first chance to experience formal school and we try to make the transition as smooth as possible! I wanted to share how we set up for our sessions and also one of the activities we doing this year!

Our Orientation sessions are 1 hour long and parents bring their children into the Foundation classrooms to meet the teacher, before going off to a parent session. We have activities set up on the tables when the children enter. They can find something they are interested in, settle and then say goodbye to Mum and Dad.

We then pack up the table activities together and gather on the mat. We read a story, sing a name song and have a little chat. The teacher then explains the activity and then the children go off to complete their activity at the tables.

We take a lot of notes and use checklists to gather as much information as the children as we can. We also have a debrief after each session and go through our notes. This helps us to decide on the final class lists.

As we have four sessions at our school we focus on different skills each time! You can see a general schedule below:

We did the scissor craft activity this week and it was huge success! It was a fun activity and it allowed us to see who can write their name, use scissors and write the numbers 1-5. We were also able observe who worked well together, who needed redirecting, and who followed the instructions given by the teacher.

The caterpillar craft is part of a scissor skills pack available in my Teachers Pay Teachers! Click on the picture below to purchase the pack.

I also shared more about our Orientation schedule and sessions in my Instagram Stories! If you would like to know more about the other activities you are able to watch the videos in my Highlights – my Instagram is @bigworldteaching

If you have any questions about how we structure our Orientation sessions or the activities we include – please ask me below!

Hope your Orientation sessions are as settled and fun as possible!


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