My Favourites: Classroom Supplies

Here you will find my favourite classroom supplies! From classroom decorations to my favourite pens, these top picks create a nurturing environment for our little learners to flourish. Join me as we explore my favourite classroom supplies, carefully selected to inspire and empower each child’s educational journey. Let’s dive in!

Artline 200 Bright Fineliner Pen

Move over Flair Pens; the Artline 200 is the smoothest pen out there! Also, the colours are super fun!

Sand Timers

These sand timers are really handy for the whole class or individual students who require support with time management.

Velcro dots

I only discovered this new teacher hack when I arrived at my new school. You can use velcro dots for your permanent displays, for example, alphabet posters. It also makes it super easy to change to a new theme when ready.

Post-it Self-Stick
Wall Pad 

It was a real game-changer when I first purchased one of these pads! There are now multiple posters constructed alongside my students displayed around our classroom.

Colourful Table cadies

Show me a teacher who is not trying to find the perfect solution for shared table supplies?! My tables are large and square, so these table caddies from Elizabeth Richards have been a great solution.

magnetic letters

In the Prep classroom, you will need a magnetic letter set, and this one is my favourite. They are colourful and have a ridged top.

mini whiteboards

We use mini whiteboards all day, every day! Mini whiteboards engage students in direct instruction, and I find them an excellent tool as students are more willing to have a go as they clean their board and start again.

whiteboard markers

I recommend using black whiteboard markers – why? Because everyone will get the same colour and everyone will be happy!

Three Tiere Trolley

I have had my trolley for years, which has served many purposes! I have used it as a teacher supply station with stationary on top and teacher resources stacked in the middle and bottom sections. It is currently being used to store our drink bottles so my students can access them easily.

Dry Erase Pockets

Dry-erase pockets are the ultimate classroom resource. I have around 30 and rotate the activities and sheets based on our learning. It saves hours of laminating, which not only saves time but also helps the environment.

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