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Spark Excitement with Starting School Crowns: Free and Fun Activity for Orientation Days!

As teachers gear up for orientation days at their schools, it’s important to have engaging activities that make students feel excited and prepared for their educational journey. In last week’s post, I shared a fun cut-and-paste activity that was a hit during our orientation sessions. You can read about it here! This week, I’m thrilled to share another valuable freebie that will surely spark joy and anticipation in your students: starting school crowns! Who doesn’t love wearing a fabulous crown? Let’s dive in and discover how these crowns can add a touch of magic to your orientation sessions.

To get started, simply click on the image below to download the free crown template from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Photocopy the templates on coloured cardstock and cut them out in advance. This way, during the sessions, you can focus on the fun part—decorating and assembling the crowns! Click here to head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

A Crown for Every Student: 

The beauty of these starting school crowns is that they come in various versions to cater to different grade levels. Whether it’s kindergarten, pre-primary, Year 1, Grade 2, or any other grade, we have you covered! Each crown template emphasizes the readiness and excitement for a specific year. You can choose the appropriate version for your students and ensure a personalized experience for each child.

Other versions are available in the download:

  • I am ready to start school!
  • I am ready to start Kinder!
  • I am ready to start Pre Primary!
  • I am ready to start Kindergarten!
  • I am ready to start Prep!
  • I am ready to start Foundation!
  • I am ready to start Year 1!
  • I am ready to start Year 2!
  • I am ready to start Grade 1!
  • I am ready to start Grade 2!

I hope you and your students enjoy creating these delightful crowns during your orientation days. The anticipation and pride of wearing a crown will make the experience even more memorable. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Wishing you a fantastic orientation season filled with excitement, growth, and endless possibilities!

Happy learning, and remember, together, we can teach big and change the world!

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