My Favourites: Reading

I have always devoured professional books about teaching and learning. I usually have a book that I am reading from cover to cover and another half a dozen, I am browsing for ideas to build on the knowledge relevant to my current teaching. Professional growth is an ongoing journey, and I’m committed to continually refining my approach. I am also studying at La Trobe University, so I am constantly exposed to cutting-edge research, enriching my teaching practices with the latest insights and advancements. Below you can check out my top go-to books brimming with practical ideas and research-backed insights. Packed with practical ideas and research-backed insights, I hope you can find a new read in this list.

The Knowledge gap by Natalie Wexler

The Knowledge gap highlights the importance of content-rich learning and its potential to bridge the gap in academic achievement. It will get you excited about ensuring your lessons are based on rich content!

The writing Revolution by Judith c. Hochman and natalie wexler

The Writing Revolution has been quite the revolution! Judith C. Hochman and Natalie Wexler present a compelling and evidence-based approach that empowers students with the essential tools to become proficient and confident writers, making it a must-read for educators and anyone passionate about improving writing skills.

How we learn by Stainslas dehaene

A fascinating read – a blend of neuroscience and cognitive psychology that sheds light on the science of learning and gave me a greater understanding of what is happening in my little learners’ brains daily!

Understanding and Supporting Young Writers from Birth to 8 by Noella Mackenzie and Janet Scull 

Noel McKenzie and Janet Scull expertly navigate the complexities of nurturing writing skills in children, offering practical strategies and insights for every developmental stage. I also use Noella McKenzie’s Writing Analysis Tool when assessing my student writing samples. You can find the Writing Analysis Tool here.

seven myths about education by Daisy Christodoulou

This book is a thought-provoking and persuasive examination of widely supported misconceptions that hinder effective teaching and learning.

the whole brain child by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

Such an insightful book – for me as both a teacher and a parent! It is a practical guide that empowers parents to understand better and nurture their child’s developing brain. With its helpful strategies, it offers valuable tools to support emotional intelligence and promote healthy brain development in children.

Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning by John Hattie

The book contains research-backed approaches that demystify effective teaching methods, enabling teachers to make a tangible difference in their students ‘ learning outcomes. I found this book empowering, leading to understanding effective strategies for enhancing my teaching.

Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) By John R. Hollingsworth and Silvia E. Ybarra

A game-changer of a book! It equips teachers with practical tools and strategies to deliver effective, explicit instruction that engages students and promotes deep understanding.

The Cognitive Foundations of Reading and Its Acquisition: A Framework with Applications Connecting Teaching and Learning by Wesley A. Hoover and William E. Turner

Have you heard of the Simple View of Reading? This book provides a more detailed and complex understanding of the framework by breaking down the components of decoding and language comprehension into their individual elements.

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