My Favourites: Listen

I am a massive fan of podcasts, and when I find a good one, I binge all the past episodes! It also helps that I have always had a long-ish commute to work, and I like to be productive during that time. I particularly enjoy podcasts that balance discussing evidence-based research and practical ideas I can implement. Below I share the best podcasts for teachers – I hope you enjoy my recommendations!

Melissa & Lori Love Literacy Podcast

This podcast is really easy to listen to and full of practical ideas to implement. This podcast has had a significant impact on my Science of Reading journey. I look forward to every new episode!

Education Research Reading Room by Ollie Lovell

I love this podcast from Ollie Lovell because it is Australian, so it is really relevant to my teaching context. I like how it discusses research in a meaningful and relevant way.

Sold a story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong

If you have yet to listen to Sold a Story, you must ASAP! This podcast really opened my eyes to the problems education systems and teachers face as we move towards evidence-based scientific approaches when teaching students to read. It kicked started my Science of Reading journey and why I decided to pursue further study at La Trobe University SOLAR Lab.

Angela Watson’s truth for teachers Podcase

I have been listening to Anglea Watson’s podcast since 2015! It is a fantastic resource, and I recommend you binge all episodes—the podcast shares relevant and practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Knowledge matters podcast

Natalie Wexler, the author of The Writing Revolution and The Knowledge Gap, hosts Knowledge Matters podcasts. I found it a great follow-up series to Sold a Story. The first season is about revisiting reading comprehension.