Back to School – 5 Printables for the First Week of School

Welcome to the much-anticipated kick-off of the school year – the very first week! A whirlwind of excitement, feelings, and plenty of “firsts” awaits us. Today I wanted to share five of my favourite activities for the first week of school! These fantastic FREE printables are an absolute treasure for your Prep/Foundation or Kindergarten darlings.

1. My First Day of School Drawing and Name

What better way to start school with your little learners than a picture. This is a great keepsake page for the first day of school. Students can draw a picture of their first day and write their names. There are three versions to pick from when you download the pack below.

2. First Day Crown

Oh wow, do I LOVE a crown! These crowns are fabulous and will make your little learners proud as punch when they walk out the door wearing their first-day crowns! I have included loads of versions, so you should be able to find the one you need –

  • My First Day of Foundation
  • My First Day of Prep
  • My First Day of Kindergarten
  • My First Day of Reception 
  • My First Day of Grade 1
  • My First Day of Grade 2
  • My First Day of Year 1
  • My First Day of Year 2

3. My Name

Name recognition is an essential part of the first year of school, and this activity is perfect for identifying names and classmates’ names! Students write their names and identify the beginning letter and someone who starts with the same letter. There is also a place for students to draw pictures of themselves and their friends.

4. Being a Good Friend

This printable is perfect as a follow-up activity after a class discussion about how to be a good friend. Students draw and write about one way they can be a good friend.

5. The Things I Like About Friends

The Things I Like About Friends by Trace Moroney is a beautiful book for your class in the first week of school. It can also start a discussion about how they can be a good friend this year. This printable has a sentence to trace and a place for them to draw a picture of themselves being a good friend.

Fun & fabulous printables for Back to School!
Grab five of my favourite activities for the first week of school! 
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I hope you have a fabulous first week of school! I would love to see these resources in action – Remember to tag me in your Instagram or Facebook posts – I’m dying to see the magic unfold!

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