No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today! | A Back to School Craft

Back to School is here and I wanted to share one of my favourite activities to kick start the school year.
This activity is great because it reminds students and parents that hats are compulsory
for outside play. No hat, no play, no fun today!
It also makes a super cute
classroom display for Term 1.

No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today!

This activity includes a fine-motor element
as your little learners need to cut out the hat and use small squares of paper to
cover the hat in your school’s colour. Students can also use the school’s
colours to colour their person to match your school uniform. 

When I do this in my classroom, I introduce the lesson by asking all students to go and find their hats and put them on their heads. Then I ask students why they think it is important that we wear our hats? After a little class discussion, I explain to the class that we are going to do an activity now to help remind us to always wear our hats when playing outside. This is where I introduce the saying, No Hat, No Play, No Fun Today.

After our class discussion on the mat, I invite students to complete their work at their tables. We start by writing our names at the top of the page and then tracing over the words. We then read the words together and I ask students to point to the words as we read them. Finally, students use glue sticks to collage the small pieces of paper onto their hats. I use dark blue as it is the same colour as our school hats. To share with parents, I simply take a photo of each child with their completed work and post it on to their Seesaw Journal. 

Remember to teach big and change the world!


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