My Classroom: 2023

This year, I started at a new school, which meant I had a new classroom to turn into a fun and nurturing learning space. The most important part of my classroom is, of course, my amazing students. However, today, I wanted to share pictures of our learning environment and let you know some of my must-haves. I absolutely LOVE my classroom! It is an incredible light-filled room that was once a room of a family home! Several old houses have been transformed at my school into learning spaces and offices. My room has big windows, a bay window with a bench seat, lots of space, great storage, and a sink! It ticks all the boxes. These pictures give you an idea of my classroom environment, and you may be inspired in your own classroom. Please note I have included some affiliate links to help you quickly find the resources I use and love in my classroom!

I have always loved Schoolgirl Style classroom designs and décor. The room transformations on their Instagram are so inspiring! I decided I needed a little taste of a Schoolgirl Style classroom, so I have used the Woodland Whimsy tree and butterfly cut-outs to decorate my classroom. To make the words AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN HERE! are made using watercolour letter clipart from Etsy. 

Dotted around my classroom there are resources from Gifted and Talented Teacher, including daily schedule cards and birthday posters to display our class birthdays. My alphabet posters are from Prepping for Prep, and my number posters are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. 

One of my favourite areas of our classroom is our affirmation mirror. I love seeing my students dancing in the mirror and reading the affirmation words. The cards are from Classroom HQ. 

I have thirteen incredible learners in my class, and I really enjoy that we can all sit at the same table. (I had 28 students at my last school, so I know I am very blessed to have a small class!) We have shared supplies, and these table caddies from Elizabeth Richards have been perfect! 

I have never met a teacher who doesn’t love a good storage system! I love a place for everything; it’s just the person I am. It is also super helpful to have containers and routines for classroom storage so my students can access the materials and equipment. I have made many labels myself, and there is a mixture of designs and sizes to suit the needs of my classroom. 

In wrapping up, stepping into my new classroom this year has been an exhilarating journey filled with creativity and care. As you’ve seen from the pictures, every corner of this space has been thoughtfully organised to foster a warm and engaging learning environment. Ultimately, this classroom isn’t just about organisation and decor – it’s about the spark of curiosity in each student’s eyes, the laughter that fills the air, and the community we have built. Whether you’re embarking on a whole room transformation or simply looking for creative ideas, I hope these insights and snapshots from our wonderful learning environment have inspired you. Here’s to an amazing year of growth and discovery!

Happy learning, and remember to teach big and change the world!

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