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How To: Confetti Name Art | Back to School {FREEBIE}

This confetti art activity is a winner for the start of school in any Kindergarten, Prep or Foundation classroom! Students decorate their name using all the colours of the rainbow and at the same time, build those fine motor muscles and learn how to use a glue stick correctly! Find everything you need below to set your little learners up with this fun and fabulous craft. At the bottom of this post is the link to the FREE document, already set up for you to use with your students’ names!

I posted a photo recently on Instagram of me with one of the funniest books I have ever read – Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee! It was such a fabulous read aloud, and it had us all in stitches! Anyway, I had some questions about the fantastic name art that was in the background! I thought it was time to share how they were made and also share the document that you can use to create your own name art!

Confetti Name Art 

You can download the PowerPoint document that I used at the bottom of this page- it is already formatted as a landscape A4 page, and the lettering is just the outline. It is also set up with two names to each page. I use KG Blank Space Solid Font – available from Teachers Pay Teachers. It is free to use in the classroom – just click here. Tip- Download and install the font before you open the document. 

All I do is type each student’s name into the document and change the font size, so the name fits half the page. I then print out each page as A3 – you can print as A4; however, the names will be a lot smaller. I also print on coloured card because everything is better in rainbow! Once you have printed, you can cut each page in half ready for your students to decorate!

My students used confetti to decorate their names. However, you could use cut up pieces of coloured or patterned paper. Another great idea is to invite students to decorate their name by tearing the coloured or patterned paper into smaller pieces.

When students have finished, I display on a bulletin board, and WOW do they look fabulous!

Click here to download the PowerPoint Document you will need to make the name posters.

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