Shake, Spill, Record!

Shake & Spill is a fun and engaging game for students to learn their partitions! This has fast become one of our favourite activities when earning our partitions of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5. It is a simple and easy prep activity that is perfect for centres or small group activities!

For this activity you will need double-sided counters, they usually come with one side green and the other red. You can also find counters that have one side with a plus sign. As we have both lots of counters, I try to mix it up in the classroom by using both. If you don’t have any at your school, you can spray paint one side of dried beans (think Jack’s magic beans from Jack and the beanstalk!) to use instead.

This is a straightforward activity, and once students have done it a couple of times, they can independently complete the activity!

Students simply toss the doubled sided counters and colour in the counters on their sheet to match how many landed green and how many many landed on red. They then fill in the expression or sum to match!

Because there are a range of different sheets included in the download, you can easily differentiate your groups or centres based on where your students learning is. I like to start with the partitions of 5, and then once we had nailed them, we move on to partitions of 10. After that, we go back over our partitions of 6, 7, 8 and 9.

At my school, we also do number groups for 10-15 each day, which is all differentiated! This is a perfect activity to include in these groups as my students have already been exposed to the activity so they can complete the work independently.

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