Engaging Money Activities for Little Learners: Real-Life Fun with Australian Money!

Teaching money doesn’t have to be dull – it can be exciting, authentic, and genuinely enjoyable for your little learners! These activities are designed to bring the world of finance to life, fostering a real-world understanding of Australian coins and notes while enhancing addition strategies. Here are three of my absolute favourite activities for teaching money and financial mathematics! Looking for FREE Australian Money Posters, scroll to the end of this blog post!

1. Writing a Lunch Order

One surefire hit is asking students to write their lunch orders. This hands-on experience makes learning not only real but also incredibly fun! Simply use your school tuck-shop menu or find one in my TPT Store, complete with options for both whole dollar amounts and cents.

Witness the magic as students write their names, select their items, and calculate the total cost of their lunch order. It’s a beautiful real-life math experience! You can even challenge your students with a budget, adding an extra layer of financial literacy to the activity.

Find the printables you need for this activity in my TPT store.

2. Catalogue Hunting 

For this activity, all you need is a grocery catalogue from Aldi, Coles, or Woolworths – grab a bunch and let the real-life shopping experience begin! Students will cut and paste items they want to buy, using Australian coins and notes to match the correct money.

With Christmas around the corner, this activity takes on a festive twist! Students can use catalogues to create a Christmas wishlist, matching notes and coins to the desired items. It’s like crafting a Santa list with purpose!

Find the printables you need for this activity in my TPT store.

3. The Perfect Book Club Wishlist 

If your class is as enthusiastic about Scholastic Book Club as mine, this activity is perfect! Capture their excitement and let them create a Book Club Wishlist while honing their understanding of Australian coins and notes.

Similar to the Catalogue Hunting activity, students pick books from the Scholastic Book Club, match the correct amount of money needed to purchase each item and tally up their choices. It’s a delightful way to combine literature appreciation with financial literacy.

Find the printables you need for this activity in my TPT store.


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Elevate Your Money Lessons with FREE Australian Money Posters!
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Happy learning, and remember to teach big and change the world!

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