5 Engaging Shape Activities for Kindergarten Students!

Are you ready to embark on a shape-filled adventure with your students? Teaching shapes can be a delightful and interactive experience for young learners. In addition to my favourite Shape Walk activity (number two on my list!), I’ve included five other engaging and fun shape-based activities to help your little ones explore the wonderful world of shapes.

1. Shape Collage Creations:

Unleash your students’ creativity by organising a Shape Collage activity. Provide them with magazines, scissors, glue, and different coloured paper. Encourage them to find and cut out shapes of different sizes and arrange them on a poster board. This hands-on project sharpens their shape identification skills and enhances fine motor skills – winner winner!

2. Shape Hunt & Craft:

Take your students on a Shape Hunt within the school grounds. Ask them to find objects that match specific shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares. They can draw the shapes they see in their very own mini-book. And what better way to complete a shape walk than to wear a Shape Detective crown! Find everything you need for your own shape walk, including the crowns and mini-books, in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

3. Shape Pictures

Encourage your little learner’s creativity to shine with this hands-on and creative activity! Students use shape manipulatives to create a picture. Students can then take a photo of their creation and label the picture with the names of the different shapes they have used. We use Seesaw at my school, so my students post to Seesaw and include a voice recording explaining the shapes they used in their creations. 

4. Shape Sorting Sensation:

Make shape sorting an engaging group activity! Grab out your shape manipulatives and have your students work together to sort them into categories. This conversation is sure to spark great discussion in your classroom, and students explain why they have grouped shapes together. Maybe they all have four sides or curved lines or perhaps they all look like ice cream cones! This collaborative effort not only reinforces shape recognition but also promotes teamwork and communication skills.

5. Shape Pizzas 

This activity is always a winner in our classroom! I use this resource available on Teachers Pay Teachers from Kelly Witt. It also looks great as a classroom display. 

Teaching shapes to kindergarten students doesn’t have to be ordinary. By incorporating these four engaging activities, you’ll not only foster a deeper understanding of shapes but also make learning a memorable and enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to share your students’ exciting adventures with me on Facebook! 


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