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The timeless tale of The Three Little Pigs has captivated readers for generations, making it an ideal choice for narrative reading and writing exercises. If you’re looking for an engaging way to explore this beloved story with your students while also creating an eye-catching classroom display, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share an exciting craft activity that brings the story of The Three Little Pigs to life. Plus, we’ve included a FREE template at the end of this post to get you started right away!

When introducing narrative concepts to your students, there’s no better starting point than classic fairytales. These well-known stories can be easily broken down into characters, settings, and the sequence of events, including a clear beginning, middle, and end. By deconstructing the narrative elements of these tales, students gain valuable skills in retelling stories and understanding story structures. These skills will prove invaluable when they eventually start planning and writing their own narratives.

Crafting Fun with the Three Little Pigs:

What better way to complement your lessons on The Three Little Pigs than with an enjoyable craft activity? After immersing ourselves in the story for a week, we saved a special treat for our Funday Friday activity! The Three Little Pigs craft proved to be a fantastic way to wrap up our learning journey.

Materials You’ll Need:

To bring this craft activity to life, gather the following materials:

  • plastic or paper straws
  • matchsticks
  • paper cut into rectangles
  • hay or straw
  • sticks collected from outside
  • paint and sponges to create bricks
  • cotton buds

To ensure ample space for creativity, I enlarged the printable template to A3 size. This allowed the students to arrange the materials for each house comfortably. Before diving into the craft, the students traced over the words associated with each material (straw, bricks, and sticks). When you download the template below, you can choose from different fonts, such as Print, Victorian Modern Cursive, New South Wales Foundation, and Queensland Beginner.

Let the Craft Begin: 

I organised the tables with all the necessary materials to make the craft successful. To ensure the longevity of the finished creations, we used PVA glue to secure the materials in place. Now it’s time for you and your students to get creative and build the houses of the Three Little Pigs!

Hands-on, fun and engaging craft activity for The Three Little Pigs
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I hope you and your class have a blast with this exciting Three Little Pigs craft activity. I would absolutely love to see the final results in action, so don’t forget to tag me on Facebook – Big World Teaching!

Happy learning, and remember, together, we can teach big and change the world!

Love, Tess

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