All About My Family – History Unit

Learning about family history is so much fun, and it is an excellent opportunity to get to know your little learners and their families better! We do our Family History unit at the start of the year for this exact reason! The resources I would like to share today are available in an all-inclusive pack in my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Click here if you would like to go straight to resource!

Below are the three areas of the Australian Curriculum that the resources cover!

Foundation HASS (History)

  • Who the people in their family are, where they were born and raised and how they are related to each other (ACHASSK011)
  • How they, their family and friends commemorate past events that are important to them (ACHASSK012)
  • How the stories of families and the past can be communicated, for example, through photographs, artefacts, books, oral histories, digital media and museums (ACHASSK013)
There is a range of no-prep sheets that you can use to explore student family structures and what makes their family special. Each page is included in Victorian Modern Cursive, Queensland Beginners, New South Wales Foundation and Print fonts! There are also page toppers and sentence strips that are multiple to page that you may like to use to save paper. Stick the page toppers at the top of students workbooks or on top of coloured paper and students can draw and write below.

Starting off with students identifying who is in their family is a great place to start! Students can draw a picture of their family, and you can extend their thinking by asking them to label the picture of their family. There are vocabulary cards included in the pack!

Asking students to share their family’s special place is a great way to make school to home links. You could invite students to bring in a picture of their family’s unique place to share with the class. This could lead to students drawing and writing about their special places.

There is a range of sheets that can be used as a drawing and writing response to class discussion about family traditions and how different families celebrate events such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter.

Another activity is leading a class discussion or conducting a circle time and asking students to share how they help their family and how their family helps others. This conversation can also assist students in identifying family structures and the role of different family members.

Also included in the pack are four assessment or portfolio worksheets that cover two topics – identify and labelling my family and my timeline: baby, toddler and school-aged.

To finish off the task, there is super fun and cute family tree craft! To start students colour the background and tree. Then they add the correct number of apples to their page to represent the people who are in their family. This makes a great classroom display and is a fabulous way to display student learning!

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