Spice Up Post-Holiday Writing: Engage Students with Exciting Holiday Recount Templates!

Don’t let holiday recount writing be a dull task! Kick off the new school term with excitement using these 2 FREE holiday recount writing templates. They offer a fun and engaging way for students to share their holiday adventures and make a fantastic classroom display. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to creativity!

Students are always eager and excited to share their holiday adventures with you and the class after the break. However, asking students to write a traditional recount in their writing books can get really boring and tedious very quickly! So instead, ask students to share their holidays using the 2 template designs that you can download FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

1. Holiday Snapshots

This versatile template collection caters to students of all levels, from Kindergarten to Grade 4. With a range of options, including sentence starters for beginners and various line sizes for confident writers, every student can participate. Download this resource from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and let the storytelling begin! Click here to download.

2. All About My Holidays

Ideal for younger writers, this template offers a delightful drawing space with two options: prompts or blank spaces. Alternatively, choose the template with lines in each box for more advanced students. You can even transform the completed pages into a book for your Reading Corner. Find this resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and unlock your students’ writing potential. Click here to download.

With these FREE templates, holiday recount writing becomes an exciting and dynamic experience. Let your students unleash their creativity and enjoy the process. Join the global community of educators using my resources by tagging me on Facebook.

Happy learning, and remember, together, we can teach big and change the world!

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