Father’s Day Recap

Hi Friends,

Wow! This Post was written just after Father’s Day, however I am just posting it now! Sorry! 

This week was all about Father’s Day in our classroom! We did all things celebrating Dad through our English sessions. For Father’s Day this year we made A3 posters all about our Dads, a card from TeachStarter and decorated a mugs and filled them with lollies with the sweetest little tag!

The posters are so fabulous and as low prep as it gets! They are available in my TPT store – click below to go straight there!

When it comes to organising presents to make for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day you can’t go past Kmart hacks and finds! My team and I decided to do decorated mugs – the mugs were 75cents each from Kmart and then you just use Sharpies to draw and decorate on the mug! You need to bake the mugs in the oven for it to be permanent, however we ran out of time so we just added a extra tag with the instructions for parents to do at home!

To make the mugs a little bit more special, we added some lollies inside the mug and wrapped it all up with a Kmart clear bag! To complete the present – we added a little tag which says “You are the sweetest Daddy in the whole wide world!”

We coloured in the tag and I laminated them before attaching them with string to the bag!

You can download the tags below – just press the download button and it will take you to a new page with the tags!

The finished product was fabulous and I hope the Dads loved receiving them for Father’s Day!


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